Gerlachovský Peak 2655 m.a.s.l.


It is the highest peak in the High Tatras and in the nothern and eastern  Central Europe .


Question about the first  known ascent is still not unambiguously resolved .  Year  1834  is often mentioned   as  the year of the  first  ascent  by  teacher  from Nová Lesná  Ján Still,  but he often modestly  denied this information.

Initially climbers used to reach  the summit  from Gerlachovský kotol by the southwestern ridge of Kotlový štít.

The  first  ascent  from Velická dolina via Velická próba was organized and guided by himalayan mountaineer  Mór Déchy in 1874. It was the sixth known ascent to Gerlachovský štít.

One year later  the guides from Štôla Ján Pastrnák and Ján Rumun Driečny jr.  as the first passed  Batizovská próba, but  only  on 15th August  1877  they reached  the summit  of Gerlachovský peak on this route  with engineer  from Krompachy Viktor Lorenc .


Nowadays  we climb  via Velická próba and Velický žľab to the Sedielko nad Kotlom 2425 m.a.s.l.

further  traverse to Gerlachovský kotol  to Strbina pod Kotlovým 2550 masl  and  through places as Okno, Počúvajov žľab to the summit.

Descent  leads  through Batizovský žľab and Batizovská próba to Batizovská dolina.


Elevation : 1000 m

Difficulty : II- medium

Duration: 8-10 hours


Historical informations  used from book : Ivan Bohuš –The  High Tatras – Talking about  the names and the first ascents to the tatra´s summits.