Climbing tours

Kežmarský peak - left Puškáš

Ascent to  Kežmarský štít by the southern wall, by left diedre  ,

Elevation: 800 m

Difficulty: IV.


Volia veža

Volia veža 2 355 masl is situated in Mengusovská valley.

The ascent begins at Chata pri Popradskom plese ( Hut  at Popradské pleso)  via Mengusovská valley past the  Žabie plesá ( Žabie mountain lakes)  to the south wall. There are more amazing climbing routes  in solid rock:

- Štáflová route - V.  UIAA

- Stanislawski route - V.  UIAA

- South  pillar - III. UIAA



Žabí kôň

Žabí kôň belongs  to the legendary  climbing tours in the High Tatras.


Žabí kôň 2 300 m is situated in Kotlina Žabích plies . To get to the edge of  Žabí kôň  we have to abseil  from Žabie saddle.   It is climbing tour   ( III. degree of dificulty ) with  beautiful views to Morskie Oko, Polish Tatras and Mengusovská valley.

Elevation: 800 m

Difficulty: III

Duration: 8 hours