Vysoká 2537 m.a.s.l.



 Hungarian geographer Móric Déchy was already an experienced alpinist, when he arrived to the High Tatras for the first time in 1874 to reach some new summits.

Date of  hike to Vysoká was on 3rd September 1874.

Dr. Déchy set target and the hiking route  and mountain guides Ján Ruman-Driečny jr.from Štôla and  Martin Spitzkopf from  Nová Lesná were just his companions.It seems they´ve been aware of unusual qualities of their „client“.and it was not easy for them to accept his resolutions. Ruman took an atypically modest opinion when he claimed before hike :"where my father´s foot didn´t stand, I cannot get myself " ( Ruman´s father was well known mountain guide ). Spitzkopf didn´l like the idea to rope up with the client and Ruman. He claimed that he doesn´t want to die with the others. Finally all three succesfully reached the summit.Their path led from Kotlinka pod Dračím sedlom by the southwest crack  to the southeast and from there up to the northwest summit of Vysoká. Up there the successful threesome drank  bottle of champaigne , hoisted small flag and Déchy put under a rock pyramid an envelope from impregnated canvas with a short message about the ascent.


Nowadays ascent follows the Déchy´s first ascent line. Starting point is at Popradské pleso, heads to Zlomisková dolina via Kotlinka pod Dračím sedlom to Dračie sedlo. From there by the southwest crack  and via central couloir to the summit of Vysoká


 Elevation: 1060 m

 Difficulty: medium

 Duration:  7 - 9 hours