Satan 2421,5 m.a.s.l.


Satan is the highest peak in Hrebeň  Bášt and  it is situated  aproximatelly in the middle of this 4km long ridge.

Satan has 2421,5 m.a.s.l.  and has two summits with the similar altitude – the north and the south one.

It is separated from Čertov hrb in massif Diabloviny by Satanovo sedlo  and from Predná bašta by Sedlo nad červeným žľabom.  View from the summits is really amazing.




The oldest trustworthy mention  about the first ascent to Satan comes  from the time around 1880 and the actors  were  Jan Gwalbert Pawlikowski  with the well-known  guide Maciej Sieczka.  They made the ascent  to Satan within the ridge traversing from Satanovo sedlo to Patria.

It is  not excluded  that  there have been other people before them, for example tourists or gold diggers.

The first winter visitors of Satan were Ernest Dubke and the guides Ján Breuer jr. and Ján Franz sr. on 12th February 1906.

There used to be a simple zig-zag path on the slopes of Satan from Mengusovská dolina at the turn of  the 19th and 20th century   but it was gradually covered  with  scree.

We can find the description of this path in Janoška´s first slovakian Tatra´s  guide book   (1911)  but  12 years later Janoška  himself noted : „At least direction should be marked If there is no path done.“



Ascent leads from Štrbské Pleso via  Mlynická dolina and Zadná Poľana up to  Volie plieska.

 At this point we turn off the tourist path and we are heading under  the western wall of Satan massif.

From this point  already tied-up  we traverse a small gullies, climb short steps and scramble up to the ridge  and to the top of Satan.


Elevation : 1070 m

Difficulty : easy

Duration : 6 – 8 hours