Prostredný hrot 2441 m.a.s.l.

Prostredný hrot is the highest peak of Prostredný hrebeň ( Middle ridge) , It is the side ridge of Široká veža (Wide tower) and it runs from the main ridge of  High Tatras to the south.




Dr. Edmund Viliam Téry came for the first time to the High Tatras in 1875. He was a doctor of poor miners , climber and hiking organizer from Banská Štiavnica. He admired noticeable and attractive Prostredný hrot from the terrace of  Rosie´s hut below Hrebienok. He tryed to find some informations  how and from which side he can get there but  everyone told him, it is impossible. He studied literature about High Tatras written by Hunfalvy, Sydow, Sonklar and Fuchs. He hadn´t read anywhere about an earlier ascent to Prostredný hrot, what even escalated his intetest of this summit.

Téry has examined Prostredný hrot from Lomnický peak with  the guide and teacher from Nová Lesná Ján Still on 5th August1876. He´s seen „corridor“ and after the agreement  with the guide  they  chose it as an ascent route to the untouched summit via Saddle  in front of Prostredný hrot. They successfuly reached the summit  on 11th August 1876. The other participants of this first ascent were also Samuel Horvay – gamekeeper  and Pavol Schwartz from Vienna.


There are more  routes to the summit. Starting point for all of them is  Hrebienok.

- via Dubkeho lávka

- via Prostredný hrebeň (via Middle ridge) 

- via Bránička (via Small gate)


Elevation: 1157 m


Difficulty: hard


Duration  : 8 hours