Mengusovský peak 2432 m.a.s.l.

Mengusovské štíty  ( Mengusovské peaks) are magnificent and atracctive for climbers  from the both sides. They are very impressive  from the Polish side , especially north face  with it´s hight more than 1000 meters which protrudes over the mountain lake Morskie oko.


The first ascent to Veľký Mengusovský peak (Big Mengusovsky peak) was a significant event in development of Tatra´s mountain climbing.The participants were  Ludwik Chalubinski with the guides Wojciech Roj and  Maciej Sieczko on 28th June 1877. Frontman of this exciting event was not an experienced climber, but just 16 years old student-  Ludwik Chalubinski . He inherited love to the Tatras from his father Tytus Chalubinski, who was one of the legendary experts of Tatra´s and his second home was in Zakopane.

The summits of  Východný (Eastern)  and Prostredný (Middle) Mengusovský peak still stayed untouched quarter century. The first people on Východný (Eastern) were Antónia a Karel Englisch on 9th August 1903 with the mountain guide Ján Franz sr. and on the summit of Prostredný (Middle) stayed six days after them the son of russian  emigrant and Polish woman – an engineer  Wlodzimierz Boldireff and industrialist from Krakow Stanislaw Porebski.


Starting point is at Popradské pleso 1500 masl. We keep going till the end of Mengusovská dolina and we will come to the biggest mountain lake of slovakian side of High Tatras - Veľké Hincovo pleso. Here we turn off from the tourist path and we go round the lake to the walls of Mengusovské peaks. We rope up and climb up at the beginning by easier path and later by a steep rocky terrain  difficulty  II under the ridge . We have to traverse nearly lying  and after short steep section we will climb up to the ridge. From there it will take just few minutes to reach the summit of Mengusovský peak.

We can choose from more ascent routes :

- Veľký Mengusovský štít ( Big Mengusovsky peak),

- Prostredný and Veľký (Middle and Big) Mengusovský štít  via Droga po glazach,

- Východný Mengusovský štít (Eastern Mengusovsky peak),

- the ridge of  Mengusovske peaks

Big Mengusovsky peak

Elevation:   930 m 

Difficulty: middle

Duration:  8 hours