Lomnický peak 2634 m.a.s.l.

What was Kriváň for Liptov citizens, the same was Lomnický peak for people in Spiš . They were convinced that Lomnický peak is the king of the Carpathians, the highest Tatra´s peak full of golden chambers, proud, defiant and maybe even unassailable. Because of this Spiš citizens  called „theirs highest“  in last years with  unconcealed esteem Dedo (Grandpa).


The first person about whom we know reliably he reached the summit of Lomnický peak was an english traveler Robert Towson on 17th August 1793 but the most correct view probabelly is that golddigers from Spiš had an opportunity to look around from the top of this peak and see the wide surroundings already before him.  Very likely they were members of  Fábry´s shoemaker family . They were tempting their mining fortune on the north slopes of Lomnický štít – Medené lávky - by the primitive methods. It was a Sisyphean toil. They were longing for gold, but their leather bags  where they were carrying chopped ore  via Nemecký rebrík, or by the similar dangerous route by Veľká zmrzlá dolina to their hovel below Zelené pleso were filled just with malachite and bits of silver. Jakub Fábry sr. who was the farmer on Medené lávky cca 1760 – 1790 himself told that he reached the summit of Dedo but he didn´t claim someone from his genus could do it before him.


There are more ascent routes to the summit of Lomnický peak :

- from Lomnické saddle,

- via Medené lávky,

-  by Nemecký rebrík (Deutsch  ladder)  and Medenými lávkami,

- Jordánova route,

- via Téry couloir. 

The most easy is the ascent from Lomnické saddle, it is suitable for begginers. We use cable car and chair lift to get from Tatranská Lomnica to Lomnické saddle. 

Elevation: from  Lomnické saddle  443 m

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 4 hours