Guide services in the High Tatras were developed in the same period as in other mountainous regions of western Europe. For example, Mountain Guides Association in the High Tatras was founded in the year 1874. For comparison, in the cradle if the modern mountaineering, Chamonix, Mont Blanc, Company of mountain guides was founded in 1823. Guide associations in other parts of the Alps began to form around 1870.


Just as in the Alps, origins of guide services were closely bound with origins mountain climbing. Even before World War II  the most active climbers in High Tatras were the mountain guides. 


Our Association currently operates in the High Tatras, where we honor the tradition of our predecessors, but we offer our services in the modern spirit, under the auspices of the National Association of Mountain Guides of the Slovak Republic, which represents Slovak guidess in the international organization UIAGM - IVBV and as of 1996 is a member. Currently Mountain Guides Association encompases 23 members.