General provisions

  Climbing terrain difficulty classification according to UIAA - International Mountaineering and Climbing Unions

      I.         The simplest form of rock climbing, arms serve to maintain the balance. Beginners must secured by rope.

    II.         Beginning of climbing difficulty which requires compliance with the rules of  three fixed points.

  III.         Fixing is recommended on exposed areas. Vertical space or overhangs with good catch require significant effort.

   IV.         Advanced climbing, requiring considerable climbing experience. Longer stretches of climbing need more fixing points.

 1.     If he guide terminates  the hike prematurely due to weather , the client's request or due to incompetence of clients skill, the tariff remains unchanged.

2.     The tariff does not encompass cost of catering, accommodation and trasport  of the guide. These expanses are to be payed by the client.

3.     The hikes are payed in full or at least 50% in advance at the Mountain guide association office

4.     The cient will  get to know the guides name, place and time of the meeting  at the office.

5.     When ordering hikes,  client is required to notify the office about any health problems that could seriously affect the course of the hike (heart, epilepsy, asthma, etc.).

6.     If the client does not show at the meeting place , or is incompable of attainding the hike, the hike is canceled and the guide is entitled to 50% of tariffs.

7.     If the hike is cancelled in time, i.e., within 24 hours before the start, the client is  charged 20% of tariffs.

8.     For waiting at the cottage, for example, if the hike can begin or continue at the client's request, or because of his disability, the guide is entitled to 50% of the tariff . If the waintig is longer then  6 hours, the guide os entitled to 100% of the tariff.

9.     If the hike is canceled by the guide or the office, the clients tariff is returned in full.